For the Biome makes waves with new gut-lung formula


For the Biome wins Nexty Award for its Gut-Lung Therapy supplement.

Image courtesy of For The Biome

Image courtesy of For The Biome

For The Biome (Dummerston, VT) earned a Nexty Award at this year’s Natural Products Expo East for the Best New Product Supporting a Healthy Microbiome. For the Biome was one of 23 winners that was chosen out more than 600 nominees. The product that earned the brand this honor is its Gut-Lung Therapy supplement. The New Hope Network, which presents the Nexty Award bi-annually, recognized the innovative nature of the product by combining both digestive and respiratory benefits.

“While much has been said of the ‘brain-gut axis’ and what the microbiome can do for immunity, very little is said about the lungs,” commented a judge. “That effectively grants For the Biome a market all to its own. What the brand has done with that opportunity is pair fermented botanicals to produce postbiotics that are then paired with a probiotic strain that evidence shows can improve respiratory health.”

For the Biome is the latest venture from Paul Schulick, who is best known for launching the New Chapter brand. New Chapter was acquired by Procter and Gamble in 2012. In 2018, Schulick parted ways with P&G to “radically innovate” the botanical skincare space. Central to this plan was also “radical transparency.”

“In formulation, ‘radically transparent’ has multiple meanings,” Schulick told Nutritional Outlook in a previous article. “I want to be uniquely revealing as to how the formulation is sourced, why it is designed and created the way it is, and what the intended impact will be on the whole-body system or biome, particularly suited to, but not limited to, our skin.”

This can be seen in practice on the For the Biome website, where great detail is provided about each product’s ingredients, their benefits, and clinical proof where appropriate. After the launch of For the Biome’s Sentient Skincare line, Schulick re-entered the nutraceutical space with the introduction of a three-product system to support immune health. These three products included two infusions called Immune Therapy and Stress Therapy, and Gut-Lung Therapy which comes in the form of vegan capsules.

Gut-Lung Therapy’s innovative formula combines prebiotics from flaxseed, moringa, aloe, chaga, and amla with the probiotic strains L. plantarum DR7, L. rhamnosus GG, and B. breve BR03. According to For the Biome, the formulation goes through an advanced fermentation process in which the prebiotics feed the probiotics, and generate postbiotics. Postbiotics, which are bioactive compounds produced during fermentation such as microbial cells, cell constituents, and metabolites, are a promising development in the microbiome space. While more research is needed to better understand postbiotics, research suggests that potential benefits include healthy inflammation, immune support, as well as cardiovascular support.

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