FoodChain ID partners with ReSeed on new verification standard to certify food companies’ carbon emission claims


The new verification standard aims to increase transparency amid the food industry’s proliferation of carbon emission sustainability claims.

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A new verification standard aims to increase transparency around food companies’ carbon emission claims. The standard was created by FoodChain ID, a provider of sustainability certification services, and carbon credit company ReSeed.

ReSeed will use its “AI-powered digital ledger transparency platform” to collect and process data for carbon credit measurement. FoodChain ID, meanwhile, will act as the program’s exclusive third-party verifier. “FoodChain ID’s independent technical experts will perform yearly audits of farm practices under international sustainability standards, adding third-party credibility to the measurement of carbon sequestration in soil,” the companies’ press release states.

The companies note the proliferation of carbon emission claims on food packaging, estimating that “on-pack carbon emission contribution claims for new products grew at 33% CAGR between July 2018 and June 2023, making such claims one of the fastest-growing sustainability claim categories in food and beverage.”

This program, they say, is meant to bolster transparency and accountability behind such claims. The program is also designed to be convenient for farmers to invest in since it can be combined with other types of certifications, including for organic products.

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