Flax Ingredient Wins ‘Better Tortilla’ Award

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Glanbia's novel ingredient earns recognition for improving the manufacture of tortillas.

Flax, which many associate with omega-3 nutrition, is surprisingly useful for its innate functional properties. With such hidden benefits, Glanbia Nutritionals (Fitchburg, WI) is able to use flax to improve tortilla properties, and its latest strides with OptiSol 5000 were deemed worthy of the Tortilla Industry Association’s “Search for Better Tortilla Technology” contest.

OptiSol 5000 is specially milled flax that can act as a guar gum replacer, capable of managing moisture and texture issues that might otherwise result in baked goods. It’s an easily recognizable, clean-label ingredient, and Glanbia now has a host of new data showing its benefits in baked goods-specifically, tortillas.

“We have found great results with the use of OptiSol 5000 in wheat flour tortillas,” says Glanbia bakery scientist Diane Hoffpauer. “Texture analysis on a TA.XTPlus texture analyzer showed improved tortilla extensibility (the ability of the tortilla to expand upon baking), as well as enhanced finished product characteristics.”

Glanbia says its ingredient can also improve tortilla shelf life, dough handling, and even tortilla diameter. The company earned its award at the recent International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas.