First Off-the-Shelf Intelligent Laminate for Product Authentication Promotes Supply-Chain Security on Packaging


SecuriLam comes with microscopic encoded silica particles-the company’s branded “TruTags”-pre-embedded into standard adhesive laminate film stock.

Photo from TruTag Technologies Inc. 

Security and technology solution provider TruTag Technologies Inc. (Kapolei, HI) is launching the first ever off-the-shelf intelligent laminate. SecuriLam comes with microscopic encoded silica particles-the company’s branded “TruTags”-pre-embedded into standard adhesive laminate film stock. The company says that the pre-embedded TruTags make for easy adoption of SecuriLam in label, document, and packaging applications.

TruTags, which are invisible to the naked eye and thus do not impact the finish of the adhesive laminate or final product, are food-grade and Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by FDA. In addition, they are manufactured using Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards.

The TruTags and SecuriLam laminate were created with an eye toward supply-chain traceability and security. According to the company, TruTags are noteworthy because they are programmable in real time, meaning that customers can segment packaging and instantly verify information like manufacturing location, product type, and distribution vulnerabilities. Likewise, SecuriLam can also be authenticated instantly at any point throughout the supply chain using TruTag’s proprietary authentication devices.

The company points out that SecuriLam is highly cost-efficient, with costs comparable with other specialty laminates available on the market. Customized specifications can be provided as well, the company adds.

Michael Bartholomeusz, CEO, TruTag, commented on the addition of SecuriLam to the TruTag platform: “We are excited to provide a revolutionary product that will put security back into packaging and label solutions with significant real-world impact to brand protection, product traceability, and consumer safety."

In 2016, TruTag introduced a handheld optical reader, which reads the TruTags’ spectral barcodes, allowing customers to authenticate product authenticity, lot number and delivery and distribution history. Last year, the first finished products to feature the TruTag technology were launched by The Daily Wellness Company. With the new SecuriLam laminate, Bartholomeusz says, the company “continues to build a globally focused and comprehensive product identity platform that now includes our SecuriLam intelligent laminate-driving successful expansion of TruTag’s technology platform into exciting new industries including security documents, quality assurance programs, and labels and packaging.”

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