First Rice Protein Accepted as GRAS by FDA


Axiom Foods says the FDA-approved GRAS status of its Oryzatein rice protein ingredient will enhance its mainstream market potential.

Photo © Thomson

Photo © Thomson

Less than two years after Oryzatein brown rice protein became the first self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) rice protein, Oryzatein is now the first rice protein to be accepted as GRAS by FDA. Oryzatein supplier Axiom Foods (Los Angeles) shared news of the FDA nod last week, which it says will enhance the mainstream market potential of its rice protein ingredient.

Oryzatein has been at the center of several studies, including a 2013 clinical trial that found the rice protein ingredient may offer similar muscle benefits as whey protein isolate. Among college-aged male athletes, Oryzatein was found to support muscle growth and maintenance as much as whey protein when administered post-workout.

Additionally, Axiom Foods’ Vegotein pea protein was also accepted as GRAS by FDA.

Currently, more than 2000 food, beverage, and skincare stock keeping units (SKUs) use Axiom Foods’ pea or rice proteins as an ingredient. And now, with FDA’s GRAS acceptance notices, Oryzatein and Vegotein are in even stronger positions to expand into mainstream food and beverage products, explained David Janow, CEO of Axiom Foods.

“This FDA approval is one thing that the majors such as PepsiCo, Nestle/General Mills, and Kraft have been asking of the industry to support their plant protein initiatives,” said Janow. “For Axiom Foods, this GRAS classification translates into rice and pea protein no longer classified as an ‘alternative protein source,’ used as a supplement or something found in natural products only.”


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
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