First Caffeine Ingredient Granted Non-GMO Project Verified Status


According to Applied Food Sciences, its PurCaf ingredient is now the first Non-GMO Project Verified caffeine ingredient currently on the market.

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Applied Food Sciences Inc. (AFS; Austin, TX) announced that four of its core ingredients, including its PurCaf organic caffeine, have received Non-GMO Project verification. According to the company, PurCaf is now the first Non-GMO Project Verified caffeine ingredient currently on the market.

In addition to the aforementioned PurCaf 95% caffeine extract from organic green coffee beans, the products receiving verification are PurTea 90% caffeine extract from organic green tea leaves, the Java.g polyphenol blend of caffeine and antioxidants from green coffee beans, and GCA, a green coffee bean extract.

“We are excited to work with the Non-GMO Project because it aligns with our values in quality and transparency through our supply chain,” said Chris Fields, vice president of scientific affairs, Applied Food Sciences, in a press statement. “PurCaf and PurTea, organic caffeine sources, are now the only Non-GMO Project Verified caffeine ingredients on the market today. Brands that want to incorporate organic caffeine into their products can now provide consumers an added layer of trust when they are searching for cleaner labels.”

The nonprofit Non-GMO Project enjoys considerable recognition with consumers as a trustworthy third-party arbiter of foods’ and consumer products’ non-GMO status, and more ingredient suppliers and brands are seeking its imprimatur, better to signal transparency to their consumers.

“The Non-GMO Project celebrates Applied Food Sciences achievements in verifying four of its products and their commitment to providing consumers a transparent choice in the marketplace,” said Courtney Pineau, associate director, Non-GMO Project, in the statement.

Applied Food Sciences sees the Non-GMO Project verification of its products as an important complement to the other values its that functional botanical extracts embody, including being natural,  sustainably and ethically sourced, and Generally Recognized as Safe.

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