First batches of Solugel soluble collagen peptides ship from PB Leiner to Asia and the U.S.


Solugel fish collagen peptides first launched in the market last November.

Photo from PB Leiner

Photo from PB Leiner

The first production batches of Solugel-brand fish collagen peptides have shipped to customers in the U.S. and Asia from PB Leiner (Vilvoorde, Belgium), the company reports. PB Leiner formed a joint venture with supplier Hainan Xiangtai Group last November to bring Solugel fish collagen peptides to the global market.

“Collagen peptides are an active health-promoting ingredient that supports, amongst other things, skin beauty, healthy aging, and bone and joint health,” the company’s press release states. “Worldwide, consumer interest is high, and the demand for premium-quality marine collagen peptides, in particular, exceeds the available offer. The compound annual growth rate for this segment has been projected to be at 8% from 2022 to 2027.”

PB Leiner is offering three forms of Solugel collagen peptides: Solugel Optima FD and Optima FP, which are “destined for demanding applications where neutral smell and taste are paramount, as they boast near-water organoleptic properties.” Also on offer is Solugel Supra FP, a low-molecular-weight ingredient suited for beauty shots, beverages, powder mixes, and other cosmetic applications.

All of the ingredients come from single-sourced fish. PB Leiner notes that the fish processor, Hainan Xiangtai Group, practices “integrating activities from local hatcheries and fish farming to fish processing with global distribution.”

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