FDA to classify acacia gum as dietary fiber, Nexira responds


Acacia gum. Image courtesy of Nexira.

Acacia gum. Image courtesy of Nexira.

On December 17, 2021, FDA announced its intent to propose that acacia gum meets the agency’s definition of a dietary fiber. This action was taken in response to a citizen petition from Nexira, Alland & Robert and Importers Service Corporation. Nexira (Rouen, France), a producer and supplier of acacia gum, started a campaign five years ago endorsing the dietary fiber status for gum acacia. In fact, in 2019, Nexira launched a proprietary clinical study that supplied solid evidence that acacia gum consumption has beneficial physiological effects on human health by attenuation of post-prandial blood glucose levels. 

“Acacia fiber is easy to use in a large array of nutritional applications, and we are convinced it has a huge potential for food and drink developers who want to formulate healthy, natural, and organic products,” said Mathieu Dondain, managing director of Nexira, in a press release. “As the first carbon-neutral brand of ingredients, inavea now carries additional claims to satisfy the demands of manufacturers and end consumers. Nexira would like to thank all of its customers for their patience and for believing in our acacia fiber and its multiple benefits. We extended our capacity in prevision of this promising outcome and are hoping to soon manufacture acacia products in the United States.”

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