Encapsulated Algae Ingredients Expand Applications, Increase Bioavailability, Firms Say


Thanks to a new encapsulation partnership, a water-soluble powder version of Algatech’s AstaPure asaxanthin ingredient is expected to launch in the coming months.

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Algatechnologies Ltd. (“Algatech;” Kibbutz Ketura, Israel) is partnering with microencapsulation technology firm Sphera Encapsulation S.r.I (Verona, Italy) to develop new delivery formats of Algatech’s microalgae ingredients, using Sphera’s proprietary encapsulation technology. The companies’ debut product, a water-soluble powder version of Algatech’s AstaPure asaxanthin ingredient, is expected to launch in the coming months.

Algatech says that the new AstaPure powder ingredient is all-natural, odorless, and flavorless. In addition, the powder format, which becomes a completely clear solution when dispersed in water, purportedly enhances the bioavailability of the microalgae. According to Algatech, the new water-soluble powder is more bioavailable than other forms of microalgae because of its micro particle size, which the firm says increases the solubility and absorption of dietary lipid molecules, including astaxanthin, in the gut border cells and in the blood stream. The company says that it is currently conducting a clinical trial to validate the ingredient’s higher bioavailability.

In a press statement from Algatech, Hagai Stadler, CEO, Algatech, explained that this new water-soluble powder format will provide manufacturers with a greater range of microalgae formulating solutions. “The nutraceutical market is fast-changing,” he said. “Companies are looking for new delivery forms and higher value for their products, and Sphera’s propriety technology is able to answer this growing demand. [Sphera’s encapsulation] technology will allow incorporation of astaxanthin and other microalgae ingredients into new food and beverage categories, and [will] add significant value to existing markets.”

Sphera provides encapsulation technology for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and animal nutrition sectors. Stated Gianni Zoccatelli, CEO, Sphera: “The development of new functional products requires technologies improving bioavailability and potency. Our expertise allows us to offer consumers unique products that are appealing to the senses.”

According to Algatech, this collaboration is part of Algatech’s new initiative for partnering with “innovative start-ups” like Sphera. Noted Stadler: “Partnering across the value chain with cutting-edge technology companies such as Sphera Encapsulation-and others to come-is yet another step forward in our strategy for bringing the benefits of microalgae to the next level.”



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