DuPont launches pea protein for beverages at SupplySide West


Compared to a "leading competitive pea protein" in a consumer sensory panel, the company reports, consumers preferred the sample containing TRUPRO 2000 on the basis of flavor, thickness, mouthfeel, and aftertaste.

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A new pea protein ingredient called TRUPRO 2000 is designed specifically for beverage applications. Supplier DuPont Nutrition & Health (St. Louis) says TRUPRO 2000 delivers superior flavor and mouthfeel performance in beverage powders compared to competing pea protein options, based on consumer sensory panels. The company will introduce the ingredient at November’s SupplySide West trade show.

At the show, DuPont will sample the new ingredient in a beverage prototype. In the consumer sensory panel, 77 consumers were asked to evaluate two basic protein powders-TRUPRO 2000 versus a “leading competitive pea protein”-which were reconstituted in water containing 20 g of pea protein. Overall, the company reports, consumers preferred the sample containing TRUPRO 2000 on the basis of flavor, thickness, mouthfeel, and aftertaste.

“With TRUPRO 2000 pea protein, the most dramatic improvements we’ve seen are in flavor and mouthfeel liking, with scores improving 45% and 57%, respectively, compared to competitive offerings,” said Rosa Sanchez, beverage applications lead, DuPont Nutrition & Health, in a press release.

The ingredient was also designed to provide lot-to-lot consistency. “Lot-to-lot consistency is often a challenge when formulating with many of the more novel plant protein sources, including pea protein,” Sanchez added. “In applications like high-protein beverages, where inclusion levels of these materials are high, that can be a real issue in manufacturing and consumer experience.”

“From its inception, our goal with TRUPRO 2000 pea protein was to raise the bar on flavor and product consistency,” added Dan Staerk, protein R&D lead, DuPont, in a press release. “We are very encouraged with the results we’ve gathered to date demonstrating that, lot to lot, TRUPRO 2000 is very consistent on important quality parameters such as suspension, color, solubility, and dispersibility.”

The ingredient contains 83% protein on a dry basis and is light tan in color. It is derived from North American yellow peas. It can be formulated into high-protein dry blended and ready-to-drink beverages.

The company also offers other TRUPRO iterations, including TRUPRO 1614 pea protein extruded crisps designed for snacks, foods, and confections such as nutrition bars (extruded, sheeted, and baked), clustered cereals, and toppings. TRUPRO 1614 contains 55% protein on a dry basis.

“Our evolution into pea proteins is a natural fit for our business, which has historically centered on delivering the widest, most functional and versatile range of soy proteins in the market today,” said Jean Heggie, the company’s strategic marketing lead, Protein Solutions Business Unit, in the press release. “In the development of TRUPRO pea protein, we’ve successfully applied what we know about optimizing functionality, quality, and flavor of soy proteins to deliver a better pea protein solution to the marketplace.”

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