Daily Omega-3 Requirement Possible with Yogurt

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A new study supports the market potential of fish oil yogurt.

One serving of yogurt may be an easy way for consumers to obtain their daily omega-3 nutrition requirements, according to a study published in the Journal of Dairy Science. Through a series of human taste tests, Virginia Tech researchers found potential for humans to consume-and enjoy-1% fish oil in a savory-flavored yogurt.

Thirty-one untrained tasters could not detect a difference between unflavored yogurt with butter oil and unflavored yogurt with low level (0.43%) of fish oil, but could detect oxidized fish oil, even at low usage levels. When trained tasters consumed savory-flavored yogurt (chili-lime) with high levels of fish oil-enough to provide the daily requirement recommended by the American Heart Association-fish flavor was considered more pronounced  with 1% oxidized fish oil than 1% fresh fish oil.

Yogurt with the chili-lime flavor was acceptable to a significant portion of participants, suggesting that a savory flavor may help mask fish oil taste while providing a positive consumer experience. The researchers concluded that a potential market exists for this type of product.

The Journal of Dairy Science is the official journal of the American Dairy Science Association.