CRN urges FDA to place greater emphasis on potential benefits of dietary supplements on website


FDA's content regarding dietary supplements overemphasizing negative aspects of dietary supplement industry, says CRN in feedback to the Agency.

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President and CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN; Washington), Steve Mister,per the request of ODS Programs Director Cara Welch, PhD, offered feedback on how dietary supplements are presented on FDA's website and its Supplement Your Knowledge content.

Mister’s critiques of the agency's content included:

  • An overemphasis on the potential risks of taking supplements while downplaying the benefits
  • Missed opportunities to address public health issues with responsible supplement usage
  • A lack of communication on the robust regulatory framework already in place giving the agency authority over supplements, leaving a misimpression that regulation is inadequate
  • The current content could be enhanced by collaboration with the industry through CRN in developing future messaging

To read the 11-page letter in full, click here.

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