Conagen commercializes non-GMO salidroside with adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory benefits


The ingredient is produced using Conagen’s bioconversion technology.

Photo from Conagen

Photo from Conagen

Conagen (Bedford, MA), an ingredient company producing nature-identical food, nutrition, flavor, and fragrance ingredients using precision fermentation and bioconversion technologies, announced the commercial rollout of its 99%-high-purity salidroside ingredient. The company produces salidroside—which is an active ingredient in the Rhodiola rosea, or golden root, plant—using bioconversion technology.

Salidroside offers health benefits not only as an adaptogen by providing relief from depression, fatigue, and stress but also has anti-inflammatory benefits and protects against oxidative stress in cells, explained Conagen in a press release. The ingredient is also sometimes used to alleviate high-altitude sickness.

Says the press release: “Unlike other salidroside products currently on the market, Conagen’s salidroside is non-GMO. Conagen leveraged its industry-leading bioconversion technology to produce clean, sustainable salidroside, identical to the compound naturally found in the Rhodiola rosea plant.”

Conagen’s high-purity salidroside is water soluble and suited for food and beverage formulating. Salidroside can also serve as an antimicrobial and therefore as an alternative to artificial preservatives in food and drinks.

Conagen uses its bioconversion technology to also produce other ingredients such as non-GMO Rebaudioside M, other steviol glycosides, and bitter blockers for sugar-reduction applications.

“We’re reimagining the way in which rare ingredients are sourced to make them safer and higher quality for use in health-promoting products,” said Casey Lippmeier, PhD, Conagen’s senior vice president of innovation, in the press release.

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