Ciranda adds three new reduced-sugar syrups from tapioca, agave


The company says these reduced-sugar syrups meet customer demands for less sugar.

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Ingredients supplier Ciranda (Hudson, WI) has introduced three new syrups that the company says meet consumer demands for reduced sugar. The new syrups are derived from tapioca and/or agave and can be used singly or in combination to replace traditional syrups in formulations like desserts, bars, ice cream, cereal, beverages, and gummies.

The first option is Tapioca Syrup RS18, which is offered in a non-GMO version as well. The company’s press release describes it as “a clear, mildly viscous syrup produced from tapioca starch.” It adds: “Its sweetness is similar to Ciranda’s tapioca syrup DE40, but with 38% less sugar.” The company says RS18 has film-forming and binding properties as good as lower-DE syrups, making it an “effective single-syrup” ingredient for bars, confectionery, and gummy supplement products.

The second new syrup is Agave Syrup AL40, which is available in organic and non-GMO versions. Produced from the blue agave plant, the ingredient is described as a sweet and light-amber syrup. Its sugar reduction is achieved because “a portion of the fructose is converted into allulose, resulting in a sweet syrup with 40% less sugar and 40% fewer calories than Ciranda’s standard agave syrup,” the company's press release explains. It is suited for frozen desserts, beverages, and cereals.

The third syrup is Agave Syrup IN10, which is also available in organic and non-GMO versions and is also sourced from blue agave. The light-amber syrup “has 9% less sugar and 8% fewer calories than Ciranda’s standard organic agave syrup, with 10% of the solids retained as prebiotic inulin fiber,” the press release explains.

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