Chromadex launches clinical-strength version of Tru Niagen nicotinamide riboside product


The new Tru Niagen Pro product contains 1000 mg of Niagen patented nicotinamide riboside.

Photo from ChromaDex Corp.

Photo from ChromaDex Corp.

ChromaDex Corp. (Los Angeles) has launched a clinical-strength version of its Tru Niagen supplement. The new Tru Niagen Pro product contains 1000 mg of the company’s patented nicotinamide riboside ingredient, Niagen.

The company says that most clinical research on nicotinamide riboside features doses of 1000 mg or higher. It stated in a press release: “The most potent serving size of Niagen available for more pronounced healthy-aging benefits, True Niagen Pro 1000 mg is recommended by physicians and used by pro-athletes as it is clinically proven to elevate nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels up to 150% in as little as three weeks.”

Rob Fried, CEO of ChromaDex, added, “As a pioneer of NAD+ research, our team works with esteemed investigators across the global to uncover the full potential of NAD+. When using 1000 mg or more of Tru Niagen, researchers have discovered pronounced benefits in numerous age-related conditions.”

Andrew Shao, PhD, the company’s senior vice president of global regulatory and scientific affairs, added that “1000 mg is the most well-researched daily Niagen serving in published human studies, the results of which consistently demonstrate that elevated NAD+ levels correspond to a range of healthy-aging benefits, including lowering age-related inflammation.”

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