ChickP’s new 90% chickpea protein isolate targets active nutrition


The 90% chickpea isolate can be included in nutrition bars and cereals.

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Plant protein supplier ChickP Protein Ltd. (Rehovot, Israel) has launched a 90% chickpea isolate for the active nutrition market. The ingredient can be included in high-protein products such as nutrition bars and cereals.

The company aims to expand its business in active nutrition. “Our foray into the active nutrition market was a logical next step for us,” said Liat Lachish Levy, CEO of ChickP, in a press release.

The ChickP chickpea isolate is said to offer formulators multiple benefits, including a neutral flavor and texture. The company says it pioneered “breakthrough, patented technology” that enables it to produce flavorless and odorless 90% chickpea isolate.

“The key challenge in fortifying energy snacks with vegan forms of protein is avoiding a bitter aftertaste while retaining a crispy texture,” explained Maor Dahan, ChickP’s head of development and applications, in the press release. “Our chickpea isolate solves both challenges. It has a neutral flavor plus a fine consistency for seamless integration. Moreover, it is a complete protein providing all the essential amino acids, including naturally occurring branch-chain amino acids essential for building and maintaining muscle mass.”

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