Cargill Opens Food-Grade Potassium Chloride Production Facility


The company says that its first food-grade potassium chloride facility will help manufacturers lower products' sodium content by up to 50%. 

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Along with sugar, sodium remains on consumers’ radars as a nutrient to keep in check. So, to help food manufacturers help their sodium-savvy shoppers, Cargill (Minneapolis) opened its first food-grade potassium chloride (KCl) production facility at its Watkins Glen, NY, salt plant.

The new facility will let Cargill fulfill its commitment to nutrition innovation by shortening the time-to-market of its lower-sodium ingredients. According to a company press statement, food manufacturers can lower the sodium content of a wide range of products by up to 50% by using KCl.
“Many consumers are looking to lower their sodium consumption,” noted Marcelo Montero, president of Cargill’s salt group, in the statement. “As a result, our customers are asking for more reduced-sodium options. By expanding our potassium chloride manufacturing capabilities, we increase the availability of lower sodium foods without sacrificing taste and functionality.”

Added Janice Johnson, PhD, Cargill technical service leader: “Sodium is a necessary nutrient, helping the body control blood pressure and blood volume and contributing to muscle and nerve health.” At the same time, she continued, KCl is an “often undervalued ingredient,” as it supplies the same health benefits as salt, while allowing consumers to reduce their sodium intake.

Among Cargill’s reduced-sodium products are Potassium Pro Potassium Chloride, FlakeSelect Potassium Chloride (potassium chloride and salt), FlakeSelect Potassium Chloride/Sea Salt, and Alberger brand flake salt.
Notably, Cargill has a longstanding presence in New York State, employing more than 560 people. The new KCl facility extends Cargill’s current plant in Watkins Glen, where the company has been a part of the community for more than 40 years.

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