Cargill doubling tapioca syrup production to meet demand


Tapioca syrup can be used in food products such as ice cream, snack bars, and confectioneries.

Photo © Julio Ricco

Photo © Julio Ricco

Cargill (Minneapolis) plans to double its production of tapioca syrup by expanding processing capabilities at its sweeteners plant in Cikande, Indonesia. The company says there is growing demand for its organic, non-GMO tapioca syrup, which can be used in foods like ice cream, snack bars, and confectioneries.

The company has invested $2.4 million to upgrade the plant’s filling stations, blending and storage tanks, and warehouses. Its goal is to produce 12,000 MT annually of tapioca syrup by 2024. The Cikande plant is also located near major tapioca-growing regions in Asia.

Tapioca syrup is sourced from the cassava plant and is seen as label friendly by consumers, the company adds.

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