Can polyphenols support telomere health?


In studies, telomere integrity has been associated with reduced risks of serious diseases.

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Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. (Pauma Valley, CA) is reporting the completion of a yearlong study on its Telos95 polyphenol ingredient. The company says its ingredient appears to have “antiaging” potential.

Telos95 is an extract of grape vine and olive leaf polyphenols. For years, the company has explored how this ingredient may influence telomere health.

Telomeres are structures that are found at the ends of chromosomes. They protect chromosomes from damage and shortening, which increasingly occurs as humans age. In studies, telomere integrity has been associated with reduced risks of serious diseases. Stress levels, diet, lifestyle, and living environments are just a few factors believed to influence telomere health.

“Short telomeres impair the ability of healthy cells to divide and function properly,” said Certified Nutraceuticals in a press release. “Longer telomeres are associated with healthy cell replication and longevity.”

To assess the impact of Telos95 on telomere health, a research team recruited 82 adult subjects to supplement with Telos95 daily. Of those, 50 completed the study. They were assigned to either one or two 95-mg capsules daily for six months.

Using a qPCR assay, the researchers were able to determine the relative length of telomeres in each participant. They then compared results to what telomere lengths are estimated to be for people of their respective ages in the at-large population.

Consumption of Telos95 was associated with an average decrease in “TeloYears” of 7.43 years with the low dose and 8.52 years with the high dose. It’s important to note, however, that not all participants experienced a decrease in so-called telomere age. Some participants saw no change or even an increase in TeloYears after supplementing with the ingredient for six months.

The Telos95 study is pending publication. Certified Nutraceuticals says it has invested more than a decade of research on its polyphenol ingredient for potential aging support, including in vitro research in partnership with Life Length to use its Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT). Certified Nutraceuticals believes this latest study is the only existing human study on a dietary supplement and telomere health. The company now plans to market Telos95 worldwide.

Telos95 is part of a broader “antiaging” portfolio at Certified Nutraceuticals that includes collagen ingredients and other plant-based antioxidant ingredients.

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