Butter Buds showcases dairy flavors in food and drink prototypes: IFT FIRST 2023 Preview


The company says that its ingredients add rich flavor and full-bodied mouthfeel with better texture.

Photo © Shutterstock.com/Goskova Tatiana

Photo © Shutterstock.com/Goskova Tatiana

Butter Buds Inc. (Racine, WI), a supplier of concentrated dairy flavors made from fresh butter, cream, and cheese, will demonstrate how its ingredients can add rich flavor and full-bodied mouthfeel with better texture at the 2023 IFT FIRST Food Expo taking place in Chicago on July 16-19, 2023. The company will distribute a range of prototypes at booth #S0620.

“Butter Buds’ real dairy ingredients add rich flavor and full-bodied mouthfeel with better texture while masking off-flavors, rounding out any harsh notes, and improving the nutritional profile of a variety of food applications,” the company’s press release states.

One of the samples at the show will be a cheesy and “ultra-creamy” macaroni and cheese made with the Butter Buds Cheese Buds Creamy Co-Jack ingredient. The company says that this ingredient “features a rich, cheesy flavor and savory butter base notes for a mild Colby-Jack flavor profile at a much lower—and more forgiving—usage rate than standard cheese powders, for unprecedented formulation flexibility.”

Another sample is churros featuring a blueberry buttermilk dip or a dulce de leche dip, both made with Butter Buds' highly concentrated Cream Buds. This ingredient provides rich dairy flavor and fatty mouthfeel, and “by substituting Neufchatel cheese for cream cheese, this dessert can also achieve one-third fat reduction," the company says.

The firm will also offer a vegan feta dip made with its plant-based Butter Buds Non-Dairy Mozzarella, which helps “provide a mild cheese taste, milky base notes, and a creamy and delectable mouthfeel.”

Finally, the company will offer a Danish Cookie made with Butter Buds Flavor AB. This combination of concentrates made with real butterfat provides the butter notes and fatty richness of fresh butter but with 53% reduced butter and at a very low usage rate, the firm says.

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