Burdock Root Powder from NP Nutra


The company now supplies an organic burdock root powder and a 10:1 burdock root extract.

NP Nutra (Gardena, CA) now supplies two burdock root powders for use in dietary supplements: organic burdock root powder and a burdock root 10:1 extract. Both ingredients are suitable for capsules, tablets, and powdered supplements.

Burdock root has long been used in traditional medicine for bone and joint health, skin smoothening, and purifying of the blood. Limits research suggests that burdock root can regenerate the skin when applied topically and can regulate blood glucose levels and certain individuals. The ingredient also has free radical–scavenging potential. Burdock root is naturally rich in inulin soluble fiber, alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, and phenolic acids.

NP Nutra’s burdock root ingredients are sourced from the greater burdock species (Arctium lappa).

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