Botanical supplement containing hemp-derived cannabinoids supports sleep and stress in recent study


The product from MDBio contains CBD, CBN, L-theanine, hops oil, valerian oil, and low levels of THC.

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A recent study investigated the effects of non-melatonin sleep support products containing hemp-derived cannabinoids and other herbs. In the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 620 adults who were seeking better sleep were given either placebo, or two different sleep formulas containing the same amount of CBD, CBN, and L-theanine, but differing in their THC, hops oil, and valerian oil content. Formula A contained lower amounts of THC (0.35 mg) and higher amounts of GABA (150 mg), hops oil (75 mg), and valerian oil (75 mg) relative to the formula B which had 0.85 mg THC, 125 mg GABA, 20 mg hops oil, and 20 mg valerian oil. The total length of the study was five weeks, including four weeks of supplementation. The supplements were provided by MDBio, and the research was conducted by Radicle Science.

The primary outcome of the study was the change in the PROMIS Sleep Disturbance 8A scale, while secondary outcomes were changes in the PROMIS Anxiety 4a, PROMIS Stress 4a, PEG (pain, enjoyment, general activity), and the World Health Organization (WHO)-5 Well-being index. Results showed that subjects taking formula A experienced the greatest reduction in sleep disturbance, compared to placebo. Similarly, subjects taking formula A also experienced a significant reduction in anxiety compared to placebo, as well as stress, and a significant improvement in overall well-being. Formula B, on the other hand, had no significant impact on the study’s outcomes.

According to the researchers, the product’s benefits may be attributed to the lower amount of THC as well as the higher levels of GABA-modulating herbs, but those aspects were not directly investigated in the study. It does, however, warrant further investigation.

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