Bioiberica launches new skin health, digestive health ingredients at Vitafoods 2022


DAOgest is designed to help consumers sensitive to histamine in foods, while Dermial is described as a “first of its kind” hyaluronic acid “matrix” ingredient with a new study showing it outperforms standard hyaluronic acid.

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Bioiberica (Barcelona) debuted two new branded ingredients during May’s Vitafoods Europe trade show. The two ingredients, DAOgest and Dermial, target digestive health and skin health, respectively.

DAOgest is based on the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO), which improves histamine digestion. Histamine is present in foods such as alcoholic and fermented beverages, dried fruits, avocados, processed meats, and shellfish. “Histamine intolerance affects an estimated 1%-3% of the global population, causing them to experience allergy-like symptoms after consuming histamine-rich foods,” explained Jaume Reguant, Bioiberica’s healthcare director, in a press release.

Bioiberica says that so far there are limited nutritional tools available to mitigate histamine intolerance. DAOgest is a natural extract the company says is effective at a low dosage of 4.2 mg per serving.

The other new ingredient, Dermial for skincare, is described as “the first hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient of its kind” that helps moisturize skin and maintain skin health. Dermial contains a combination of three naturally occurring ingredients: hyaluronic acid (60%-75% content), glycosaminoglycans (contains at least 10%, and includes dermatan and chondroitin sulfate), and hydrolyzed collagen (contains at least 5%). “Together, they work in synergy to enable the development of cutting-edge products that nourish, hydrate, and replenish the skin,” the firm says.

Bioiberica recently announced the results of a new preclinical study on Dermial showing that oral supplementation of the ingredient “increased type I collagen production by almost half—an observation not seen with standard hyaluronic acid from fermentation or extraction origin.” This study was presented at the Experimental Biology Congress in April.

The in vitro study compared supplementation with Dermial to supplementation with standard hyaluronic acid (HA) from fermentation (HA-F) and extraction (HA-E). It evaluated effects on type I collagen production, human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) cell proliferation, and human epidermal keratinocytes (HEK) cell migration. It found that compared to the other ingredients, Dermial 1) significantly stimulated the synthesis of type I collagen by 48% (an effect not observed with HA-F and HA-E), 2) supported cell proliferation of HDF cells at 24 hours at a rate (1.18%) significantly higher than HA-F and HA-E, and 3) increased the migration of HEK cells by 103% (unlike HA-F and HA-E).

The company concluded, “These data reveal that Dermial has a superior effect on inducing the synthesis of type I collagen, cell proliferation of HDF, and cell migration of HEK, compared to standard HA from either fermentation or extraction origin. This indicates that Dermial brings powerful regenerative activity to the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin and supports the maintenance and functionality of the dermis better than standard HA.”

Daniel Martinez Puig, Bioiberica’s head of R&D, human health, added in a press release, “Previous studies have revealed the ingredient’s mechanism of action, ability to be absorbed in the body, and safety when taken orally. But now, we can also confirm that Dermial offers greater efficacy compared to standard HA—a highly sought ingredient in the nutricosmetic market by both formulators and consumers alike.”

Dermial is said to be effect at a low 60 mg/day dose, have good organoleptic features, and has Novel Food and GRAS status. It is a nutricosmetic ingredient suited for dietary supplements and functional foods.

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