Bioiberica Highlights New Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid Joint-Health Ingredient, Tendon-Health Research


Bioiberica introduced its new Articolageno Caps formula, which is scheduled to launch at the end of the year, and showcased new research on its Tendoactive food supplement for tendon health, at May’s Vitafoods Europe show.

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Joint-care ingredients firm Bioiberica (Barcelona) highlighted ingredients for joint and tendon health at May’s Vitafoods Europe trade show in Geneva, Switzerland. The company introduced its new Articolageno Caps formula, which is scheduled to launch at the end of the year, and showcased new research on its Tendoactive food supplement for tendon health.

At Vitafoods, Bioiberica presented its new joint-health formula, Articolageno Caps, which comprises two existing Bioiberica joint-health ingredients, as well as additional vitamins. One of the ingredients included in the new formulation is b-2cool, a native type II collagen ingredient that helps to maintain healthy joints. The other branded ingredient in the Articolageno formulation, Mobilee, is a joint-health ingredient formulated with collagen, polysaccharides, and hyaluronic acid.

Jaume Reguant, human health international director, Bioiberica, stated in a press release that Articolageno’s Vitafoods debut was “a major opportunity to promote our dedicated joint-health and mobility range of nutritional ingredients and supplements.”

One of the other joint-health ingredients in the company’s range is Tendoactive, a food supplement specifically formulated for tendon health. The Tendoactive formulation includes type I hydrolyzed collagen, mucopolysaccharides, vitamin C, and manganese. At Vitafoods, Bioiberica presented the newest Tendoactive research updates at the show’s Sports Nutrition Zone theater. The company says clinical research shows that “oral supplements in the form of Tendoactive represent a new approach to supporting tendon health from a nutritional perspective and as a complement to physical therapy.”

Reguant told Nutritional Outlook that while Tendoactive is not a new ingredient, the company is focusing on broadening the health indications of Tendoactive with new research initiatives. Currently, said Reguant, the company has completed five published studies on Tendoactive’s effects on various tendopathies, or degenerative connective tissue conditions in tendon attachments. “In all the studies, Tendoactive has shown efficacy and safety in the management of different tendinopathies,” Reguant explained. The company’s most recent study,1 published in 2016 in the Current Therapeutic Research, Clinical and Experimental journal found that, when combined with physical therapy, Tendoactive helps speed recovery of damaged tendons. Said Reguant: “It is the most researched formulation for tendon health in the market.”

Also at Vitafoods, Bioiberica presented a new scientific paper on the potential therapeutic effects of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, including a preclinical study in human muscle cells. In this study, the company examined the mechanism of action by which pharmaceutical-grade chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine exert their muscle-health benefits.



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