Bioenergy’s RiaGev-SR sustained-release NAD booster now sold on Amazon in Regenerate supplement


The Regenerate supplement is from the company Ideal Infusion.

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Bioenergy Life Science (BLS; Ham Lake MN) announced that its RiaGev-SR ingredient is now retailing on in a supplement from a company called Ideal Infusion. The supplement, called Regenerate, features RiaGev-SR, which is the sustained-release version of RiaGev, an ingredient designed to boost NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), which plays an important role in cellular health and energy metabolism.

According to BLS’s press release, “RiaGev is considered one of the more advanced NAD boosters available because it is clinically proven to simultaneously increase NAD, ATP, and glutathione (GSH). The sustained-release format, RiaGev-SR, is the first-ever use of wax matrix sustained-released technology in the healthy-aging category.” Because RiaGev-SR releases its ingredients gradually, it optimizes nutrient digestion and avoids unpleasant digestive side effects, the firm says.

“I’d been wanting to work with BLS for a couple of years,” said Maurice Mejia, owner of Ideal Infusion. “When they introduced RiaGev-SR, I immediately jumped on board. I wanted to be the first to make this clinically studied product available on Amazon.”

Mejia added, “Until now, there have been few NAD boosters on Amazon, and fewer still that use clinically studied, branded ingredients. This was an opportunity to fill the gap with something that is clinically studied to work as promised.”

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