Bioenergy Life Sciences to demonstrate how branded ingredients Bioenergy Ribose, RiaGev, and MannoHealth benefit food products: IFT FIRST 2023 Preview


For instance, the company says Bioenergy Ribose can improve the flavor and aroma of plant-based proteins.

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Ingredient supplier Bioenergy Life Sciences (BLS; Minneapolis) will demonstrate how its flagship ingredient Bioenergy Ribose, plus other ingredients like RiaGev and MannoHealth D-mannose, can play a role in food products. The company will present food samples featuring its flagship ingredients at the 2023 IFT FIRST Food Expo taking place in Chicago on July 16-19, 2023, at Booth #S0229.

“BLS will feature its flagship ingredient, Bioenergy Ribose, which does more than enable beverage formulas to deliver noticeable, sustained energy by replenishing cellular ATP. It’s the secret behind plant-based proteins’ mouthwatering flavor and aroma,” the company’s press release states. At IFT FIRST, the company will offer samples of taco-flavored, plant-based meat nacho scoops with Bioenergy Ribose.

The company describes its RiaGev ingredient as “the first and only commercially available patented and specialized formulation with Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide,” which can add benefits to food like support for cognition and concentration as well as increases in NAD, ATP, and glutathione production. At the show, the company will provide samples of soft-baked lemon bars with RiaGev.

Finally, the company’s MannoHealth ingredient is described as “BLS’s answer to the industry’s growing demand for the highest-purity D-mannose.” At IFT FIRST, MannoHealth will be featured in fruit gummies that support digestive, urinary tract, and immune health.

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