Bio-K Plus launches line of drinkable probiotics


The Extra line is a new line of drinkable probiotics from Bio-K Plus.

Bio-K Plus' Extra Line. Image courtesy of Bio-K Plus

Bio-K Plus' Extra Line. Image courtesy of Bio-K Plus

Bio-K Plus International Inc. (Laval, Quebec), a Kerry company, launched a new line of functional drinkable probiotics called the Extra line. The new line offers 80 billion CFUs and a protein base of fermented oats and pumpkin seeds blended with scientifically supported ingredients.

“The Extra product line is a continued commitment to the science behind our proprietary three-strain formula which we are combining for the first time in our history with other science-backed functional ingredients. It’s an evolution in the way consumers will experience Bio-K+ probiotics and it will allow us to provide a more complete product portfolio in this ever-changing competitive landscape,” said Jonathan Doyle, vice president and general manager for Bio-K Plus, in a press release. “Kerry completed the acquisition of Bio-K Plus in October 2020, which is aligned with our ambition to expand our ProActive Health portfolio of science-backed, branded ingredients. We are confident that this new product line will help further enhance our market position within the probiotic category across North America, as well as delivering synergies between the Bio-K Plus brand and other science backed ingredients in our portfolio such as Wellmune.”

In addition to the Bio-K Plus three-strain probiotic blend, the Extra line also features three ingredients that are supported by science: Wellmune, Kerry’s yeast beta glucan ingredient shown to positively impact immune function; Cereboost for its effects on cognitive function, performance, and working memory; and Cyracos for its effects on restlessness and nervousness.

“Furthermore, the new Bio-K+ Extra line is vegan, certified gluten-free, organic and non-GMO, making it accessible for a variety of lifestyles and preferences. Consumers in the health food sector are looking for innovation, and Bio-K+ remains at the forefront of creating trusted, effective formulations,” said Desiree Nielsen, registered Dietitian and educator for Bio-K Plus.

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