Beneo adds beef bites and minced meat to meat-alternatives portfolio


The company is expanding its meat-alternatives line following its acquisition of Meatless B.V. last year.

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Beneo (Parsippany, NJ) is expanding its portfolio of semi-finished meat-alternative products to include Meatless Beef Bites and Minced Meat. This follows Beneo’s acquisition of Meatless B.V. last year. Meatless B.V. supplies plant-based ingredients derived from rice, faba beans, wheat, pea, lupin, quinoa, and more.

The new Meatless Beef Bites and Minced Meat feature mycoprotein and pea protein and are “enhanced with coloring to provide an authentic, beef-like appearance,” a Beneo press release states. “With high heat stability and water-holding capacity, they retain their juiciness and succulence, even when baked or fried.” The products also have a fatty and juicy mouthfeel that makes it possible to reduce the fat content in end-products, it adds.

Beneo says the products are produced using sustainable, low-energy processing. The Meatless Beef Bites and Minced Meat products are available in frozen form and can be included in stir fry, stew, marinade, and lasagna dishes.

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