AstaReal Streamlines Corporate Structure


AstaReal and AstaReal Technologies, which were previously separate-but-related companies, will now function as “one fluid singular entity.”

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AstaReal Inc. (Burlington, NJ) and AstaReal Technologies Inc. (Moses Lake, WA), which were formerly separate-but-related companies, have formally merged into “one fluid singular entity.”

Previously, AstaReal Inc. concentrated on sales and marketing while the newer AstaReal Technologies (formed in 2014), focused on the U.S. cultivation and production of AstaReal brand astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis). But as of April 1, the two companies have merged and will simply be known as AstaReal Inc.

“Integrating our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Moses Lake, WA with the sales and marketing arm into one entity helps us to focus on our customer needs in a concerted manner, by fine-tuning their specific requirements with great speed and exceptional attention to detail,” said Arun Nair, PhD, president of AstaReal Inc. “This is part of our global strategy to maintain effective leadership of astaxanthin in the United States and rest of the world.”

Along with the reorganization of AstaReal’s corporate structure, Nair was recently named president of AstaReal Inc., after previously serving as president of AstaReal AB (Gustavsberg, Sweden). He will lead both production and marketing efforts for the company.

“AstaReal Inc. is now in its best position to continue scientific exploration and validation of AstaReal astaxanthin, and to ensure sustainable production meets future demand,” Nair said.


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