Ashland launches new eye health ingredient and extended release ingredients for powdered drink products


At this year's SupplySide West, Ashland launched soy-free GPM lutein and N-dur xr caffeine and melatonin for extended release in powdered drink products.

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Ashland (Wilmington, DE) launched its latest soy-free GPM nutrients and two new additions to its N-dur xr technology line during the SupplySide West 2021. 

Soy-free GPM nutrients are bound to a food source to increase their bioavailability. The gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher-certified nutrients are part of a whole-food matrix, gentle on the stomach, and made with a patented process. To address eye strain from excessive screen time, Ashland launched soy-free GPM lutein for companies formulating eye health supplements. 

“We know that consumers are concerned about allergens, so our soy-free GPM nutrients will have a strong appeal,” said Maxine Weber, global nutraceuticals marketing director, Ashland, in a press release. “In addition, the soy-free GPM nutrients are either USDA Organic or Made with Organic Ingredients, for customers and consumers who are concerned about organic sourcing.”

The company also launched N-dur xr™ caffeine, which extends the release of caffeine for up to six hours, reducing negative side effects such as jitters, stomach upset, or headaches, making it a good fit for the sports-nutrition or e-gaming consumer; and N-dur xr™ melatonin, which also extends the release of melatonin for up to six hours, for sleep products. N-dur xr technology is an ideal solution for extended release in powdered drink products.

Additionally, Ashland introduced Klucel Nutra modified cellulose tablet binders which can help formulators overcome breakage, etc. “With the addition of as little as 1-2%, Klucel Nutra U, you can achieve excellent tablet hardness and low friability,” said Deneen Law, global pharmaceutical marketing director, Ashland, in a press release. “This greatly reduces tablet chipping during the manufacturing process, and also tablet damage during shipping.”

And lastly, Ashland introduced Aquarius titanium dioxide-free coating system for use in nutraceuticals with excellent opacity and good color brightness. The line includes white, color, and clear coating options.

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