Arla Foods launches better-tasting whey protein hydrolysate for medical supplements

Arla Foods is launching a whey protein hydrolysate with improved taste profile for medical supplements.

Arla Foods Ingredients (Basking Ridge, NJ) launched WPH Lacprodan DI-3091, an extensively hydrolysed whey protein for medical nutritional supplements that overcomes taste challenges in products for patients with maldigestion or malabsorption. As well as high content of essential amino acids, dipeptides and tripeptides, it offers a significantly better taste profile than similar products.

“WPH Lacprodan DI-3091 offers all the advantages of whey protein hydrolysate, including rapid absorption of nutrients,” said Kasper Faarkrog Høyer, sales development manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, in a press release. “What distinguishes it is that it combines these benefits with a far better taste than similar ingredients. This means a more pleasurable experience for patients, which is particularly important considering the profound consequences of poor nutritional compliance during recovery.”