Arla Foods Ingredients offers way to make clear, fermented, high-protein beverages

The solution features the company’s whey-based hydrolysates Lacprodan HYDRO.365 and Nutrilac FO-8571, which the firm says minimize cloudiness and sedimentation.

Arla Foods Ingredients (Viby J, Denmark) is offering fermented-drink manufacturers a way to create high-protein beverages that are also clear in appearance. The solution features Arla’s 100%-whey-based hydrolysates Lacprodan HYDRO.365 and Nutrilac FO-8571. Because this solution “significantly minimizes cloudiness and sedimentation, it can be used to create high-protein fermented beverages that are just as clear as alternatives without protein,” the firm’s press release states.

The solution can be used “with thermophilic cultures for fermented drinks, or mesophilic cultures for kombucha-style beverages, both of which are high in probiotics,” the firm’s press release states. Barbara Jenson, sales development manager for the company, added, “With this new solution, [manufacturers] can create on-trend beverages that are not only high in both protein and probiotics but also stand out from the pack because of their clear, refreshing appearance.”