Arla Campaign Targets Dairy By-product to Boost Efficiency, Sustainability


Arla’s new Maximum Yield campaign aims to raise awareness of eliminating unwanted dairy by-product and/or using dairy by-product as a new raw material.

Photo © ValentynVolkov

Photo © ValentynVolkov

Arla Foods Ingredient (Viby J, Denmark) has launched its new Maximum Yield campaign to raise awareness about reducing dairy by-product by adding whey protein ingredients. The awareness drive highlights how dairy companies can apply small adjustments to existing production processes to cut down on waste, maximize output, and increase profits.

“Maximum Yield is about emphasizing the benefits of whey protein ingredients in terms of either making sure 100% of the milk processed ends up in the finished product or, alternatively, treating any by-products created during production as a valuable raw material,” says Brian Jørgensen, business unit director, Arla Foods Ingredients. “In both cases, dairies will be maximizing their productivity and reducing the burden they place on the environment.”

One option dairy companies have to achieve this “maximum yield” may be Arla’s Nutrilac HiYield ingredient range, which allows companies working with cheese, Greek yogurt, cream cheese, and fermented beverages to make full use of their dairy ingredients. While conventional yields for these products range from 25%–50% of the total milk used making it into the finished product, HiYield allows companies to utilize 100% of the milk in the finished product without generating acid whey as by-product, Arla explains.

“HiYield enables dairies to reduce their milk intake with no loss of milk solids, or to increase the output achieved from existing supplies,” says Torben Jensen, category and application manager for fresh dairy products, Arla Foods Ingredients. “It’s a simple and lean solution that optimizes a dairy’s production efficiency and helps to reduce its impact on the environment by maximizing the use of milk and minimizing waste.”

Arla says HiYield is ideal for dairy companies looking to enter new categories without investing in new machinery. That’s because it can be used on existing production lines for stirred yogurt and cream cheese with little or no adjustment, thanks to eliminating the need for separation and filtration equipment.

And for the second part of the campaign-using dairy by-products as a valuable raw material-Arla also offers Nutrilac ingredients that allow processors to turn acid whey into a new raw material for use in other dairy products.

“Whether you’re a dairy looking to eliminate by-products like acid whey, or one that wants to turn it into a product you can sell, our high-yield whey protein solutions will help you achieve your aims, increase profitability and reduce waste,” says Jørgensen. “They offer a straightforward and cost-effective way to use 100% of your milk, to optimize production and make the most of the resources at your disposal-with nothing going to spare.”


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