Arjuna bark extract for heart health gets Health Canada Natural Product Number


The ingredient’s maker, Enovate Biolife, says this is the first branded arjuna bark extract to gain a Health Canada NPN.

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Enovate Biolife (Wilmington, DE) reports that its branded ingredient Oxyjun, a Terminalia arjuna, or arjuna bark, extract for heart health has received a Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada. The NPN (#80119495) is the first granted by Health Canada for a branded Terminalia arjuna ingredient, the company claims.

According to the company, the new approval “will enable our clients to make claims of improved pumping capacity of heart in healthy individuals and increasing time to exhaustion in [a] young, active population.”

Oxyjun is standardized to 45% polyphenols and glycosides, the company says. “Proven in its molecular docking study, Oxyjun improves pumping of heart and reduces fatigue by boosting cardio endurance by working directly on cardiac muscles responsible for pumping blood into circulation,” the company explained in a press release. “Also proven from the study conducted last year is the potential of Oxyjun in improving exercise capacity by virtue of reducing adipose tissue–induced inflammation. All these clinically proven facts make Oxyjun very uniquely positioned in comparison to other ingredients which mainly claim…improving peripheral aspects of the circulatory system.”

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