Alvinesa Natural Ingredients acquires two South American grape by-product valorization companies


The Spanish company, Alvinesa Natual Ingredients, has announced the acquisition of the Chilean company Industrias Vínicas and Argentine company Dervinsa.

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Alvinesa Natual Ingredients (Daimiel, Spain) has announced the acquisition of two leading companies specializing in grape by-product valorization in Chile (Industrias Vínicas) and Argentina (Dervinsa). According to the company’s press release, the acquisition of these companies positions Alvinesa as a global leader in grape seed oil, tartaric acid, and cream of tartar, while also strengthening its presence in biofuels, functional foods, animal feed as well as food grade and industrial alcohols.

"This operation aligns with Alvinesa’s strategy to remain a benchmark in upcycling—transforming natural waste into higher-quality products with greater ecological and economic value—and to continuously improve our offerings to clients,” said Jon Fernandez de Barrena, CEO of Alvinesa, in a press release.

With access high quality raw materials in the Southern hemisphere, Alvinesa explains that it is able to reduce price fluctuation for clients, as well as have year-round product availability due to the complementary harvest season to that of the Northern Hemisphere. The acquisition also adds three additional production facilities to its existing two plants in Spain, increasing its production capacity. Concurrent with its expansion, Alvinesa has also appointed Juan Humberto Fernandez Del Campo as its chief sales officer. Fernandez del Campo has experience working with Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Altadis.

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