Alkemist Labs launches Alkemist Assured consumer-facing product testing verification seal


Companies whose products Alkemist Labs tests can use the seal to communicate to consumers that the products were tested by a trusted third-party lab.

Photo © Sapryhin

Photo © Sapryhin

Contract testing laboratory Alkemist Labs (Garden Grove, CA) has been vocal in encouraging nutraceutical, food, and cosmetic companies to share results of their product testing with consumers. Companies who make these test results public-facing can increase the level of transparency consumers have about how products were tested, by whom they were tested, and what the test results were, so that consumers can make more informed purchasing decisions. Alkemist is now formalizing its transparency initiative with a two-tiered program that includes a verification seal that companies can use to communicate to consumers that a product was tested by Alkemist Labs, a trusted third-party lab.

The first tier of Alkemist’s transparency program is its Next Generation Transparency reports. These are simplified, easily understandable versions of a certificate of analysis report that companies can share with consumers. Companies can use these consumer-facing reports to provide more information about how their products were tested and what the results were. Companies who participate in this program and who share their Next Generation Transparency reports with the public are listed on the Alkemist website as Next Generation Transparency partners. The public reports must be updated every six months to ensure they are up to date.

Alkemist has now announced a second part of the program: its Alkemist Assured seal. Companies whose products are tested by Alkemist Labs can use this seal on their product marketing materials, websites, and sales materials to let consumers know that a product was tested by a trusted third-party lab for identity, potency, and contaminants. They are also required to make their Next Generation Transparency reports public.

Big-name companies are already participating in either or both the Alkemist Assured and Next Generation Transparency programs, including mushroom company True Grace, New Chapter, and Beehive Botanicals. Ingredient suppliers like SuanFarma are also participating.

In a press release, Petra Erlandson, Alkemist Labs’ director of sales and marketing, noted that many companies are gradually rolling out the Alkemist Assured seal across their product lines, starting with having a handful of products tested and expanding to others later.

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