AIDP and Algaia Launch Seaweed Extract for Clean-Label Dessert Applications


Satialgine DVA is a new line of alginate ingredients for use in premium dairy and nondairy dessert applications.

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Answering consumer demands for “clean” ingredients that don’t compromise finished-product taste or texture, functional ingredient supplier AIDP (City of Industry, CA) and Algaia, a biomarine company headquartered in Paris, introduce Satialgine DVA, a new line of alginate ingredients for use in premium dairy and nondairy dessert applications. AIDP is Satialgine DVA’s exclusive North American distributor.

In addition to making it possible for consumers with dairy or egg sensitivities, vegan preferences, or low-fat dietary restrictions to enjoy desserts with rich, creamy texture and flavor, the alginate line also purportedly averts the problem of calcium interaction that sometimes plagues the use of alginates in dairy matrices. Commenting in a press statement Fabien Canivet, Algaia’s applications manager, noted that the line offers an easy-to-use solution that not only functions in dairy applications but in those based on soy, almond, or coconut bases, as well.

Because the ingredient displays key alginate properties including solubility at low temperatures, it lets manufacturers save time and energy, protect sensitive ingredients like vitamins and flavors, and stave off fat oxidation-eliminating the need for additional ingredients and making formulation more cost effective.

And because Algaia harvests the brown algae used to make the new line a few miles from its Brittany, France, plant, the supply is fresh and local; minimal transportation time to processing reduces greenhouse gas emissions and maintains the seaweed at the best state for optimum alginate functionality, noted Federic Faure, business development director, Algaia, in the press statement.

In the same statement, AIDP President Mark Thurston stated, “We’re excited to support Algaia’s efforts to promote this remarkable ingredient in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. One of the biggest demands is for clean label ingredients in food technology, the alginate products have many opportunities for applications in food manufacturing.”

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