ADM survey reveals how citrus flavor preferences vary worldwide


The first report out of ADM’s consumer survey found that North American consumers are seeking “bold and/or vibrant citrus flavor experiences.”

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ADM (Chicago) is studying how consumer preferences for citrus flavors vary around the world. The company is revealing data from a survey it conducted globally on 7400 citrus beverage consumers. The first report out of the consumers’ survey looks at North America and found that North American consumers are seeking “bold and/or vibrant citrus flavor experiences.” (The company plans to release reports soon on citrus preferences in the EMEA and APAC regions.)

Citrus flavors are still performing strongly in North America. ADM cites MarketsandMarkets’ “Food Flavors Market” market research report from October 2022 which predicted that citrus flavor sales will see 3.84% compound annual growth rate in 2022-2027.

Citrus flavor profiles come in a wide range. “Refreshing, juicy, sweet, tangy, and tart, citrus can encompass a wealth of taste experiences in one bite or sip,” ADM’s report states. As consumers in North America seek new twists on citrus, “New varietals coming to the forefront present great growth opportunities for citrus, especially when coupled with consumers’ shift toward food and beverage exploration,” the report notes.

In North America, the preference is for intense citrus flavors, “with 100% of U.S. consumers surveyed stating that they are looking for bold and/or vibrant citrus flavor experiences,” the report states. “Unsurprisingly, orange, lemon, and lime are still the most recognizable citrus options to consumers, with mandarin, key lime, pink and ruby red grapefruit, blood orange, and clementine coming on the heels of those classic flavors.”

It adds: “We’re most excited by the increasing consumer curiosity around trying new flavors, pushing forward emerging possibilities like Valencia orange, Meyer and Sicilian lemon, finger lime, yuzu, calamansi, and more.”

A lot of citrus exploration is happening in alcoholic and energy drinks, the report adds. In energy drinks, it says, “Notably, there is a unique opportunity here for emergent varietals like tangelo and bitter orange as consumers who gravitate towards these flavors are also significantly more likely to consume energy drinks.”

ADM also highlights its new citrus technology, Corefold, which it says “focuses on the core part of citrus oil to emphasize the molecules responsible for the impact and mouthfeel while capturing top notes for freshness and aroma.”

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