ADM announces key consumer trends driving growth

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ADM released its second annual list of global consumer trends based on in-depth research from its proprietary Outside Voice consumer insights platform.

ADM (Chicago) released its second annual list of global consumer trends based on in-depth research from its proprietary Outside Voice consumer insights platform. The list includes eight key consumer trends that are driving current and future global growth. 

“Consumers today continue to navigate a tumultuous environment that has uprooted every aspect of their lives,” said Brad Schwan, vice president of category marketing for ADM, in a press release. “This has led forward-thinking brands to develop new solutions purpose-built to help consumers establish a sense of normality for themselves, their families and their pets. We’re seeing everything from foods, feeds and beverages that promote gut health to plant-based meat and dairy alternatives to biodegradable packaging.”

The trends include:

  • Nourishment for the Whole Self. Consumers are approaching their mental and physical wellness proactively through a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. According to ADM’s research, 37% of global consumers expect the snacks they eat to improve their mental well-being.
  • Plant-based Lifestyles. Plant-based proteins are growing, food and beverage brands are responding by broadening the landscape of nutrient-dense plant-based options for consumers.
  • Microbiome as The Root Of Wellness. Fifty-eight percent of global consumers are aware of the potential benefits that bacteria in the digestive system can have on their overall health. Today, consumers associate gut health with mood, overall wellbeing, digestion, immune health, and metabolic health.
  • Clean & Transparent Sourcing. Real and simple ingredients are still very important to consumers. Clean label has led to a desire for transparency across the entire product lifecycle, from how it’s made to how it’s packaged and beyond. 
  • Humanization Of Pets. ADM found 30% of global pet owners spent a significant amount of time researching the best food options in the last year.
  • Precise & Responsible Animal Feeding. There is an increased demand for optimized feed solutions that support human and animal nutrition in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner for a range of animal species. This is driving brands to provide digital documentation explaining how the animal was raised.
  • Sustainable Goodness. Consumers see sustainability as a moral imperative as they connect it to what is right and ethical, their community and the environment. This has sparked demand for ethical production and sustainable sourcing practices such as regenerative agriculture and carbon negative production to protect the food supply of the future. 
  • Advanced Renewables and BioSolutions. Today’s consumers are more conscious of the environmental impact of their consumption and the food system at large. Consumers increasingly believe that companies should take greater responsibility for reducing waste and energy use from development to disposal.