2019’s Biggest nutraceutical packaging trends are driven by CBD, e-commerce, PACK EXPO organizer reports

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New data from PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, pegs today’s biggest nutraceutical packaging trends and topics ahead of September’s Healthcare Packaging EXPO and PACK EXPO trade shows.

The three most influential forces impacting the nutraceuticals packaging market today are hemp cannabidol (CBD) usage, government regulations, and e-commerce growth, according 92% of respondents of a newly released Nutraceuticals Market Assessment report from PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

Many view CBD, the exceedingly popular hemp cannabinoid, as the biggest trend in the nutraceuticals market today. CBD products dictate a need for small-batch packaging equipment, integrated dosing, and premium amber glass tincture bottles that allow less oxidation, preventing CBD oils from breaking down.

CBD products are often made to individual customer needs and packaged in a variety of forms. The packaging format is driven by specific dosing requirements. For example, CBD requires an eye dropper with specific measurements integrated into the cap of a tincture bottle, or a precise measuring spoon for CBD power. Other types of CBD packaging include pouches and spray bottles.

In addition to maintaining product integrity, packaging needs to allow easy opening and discreet use. Tamper-evident and childproof closures are increasingly important as CBD products become more mainstream. Premium packaging with childproof caps, that are still easy to use, are in demand for CBD products.

As the nutraceutical industry develops, regulations continue to evolve. Regulations require an ability to trace a product back to its raw ingredients, requiring labels and packaging that can accommodate regulatory disclosures. While such regulations are not yet a legal requirement for CBD products, many CBD producers are now including a QR code that consumers can scan with their smartphones to download the necessary product information.

E-commerce is another force driving nutraceutical packaging changes. For instance, e-commerce is forcing the need for nutraceutical packaging to switch from hard glass and plastic bottles and to softer, more easily packable pouches and trays. Additionally, manufacturers are moving away from cold supply chain and looking toward other systems of maintaining freshness during shipping, such as sophisticated desiccant systems.

With functional drinks, portability is the key trend, with stick packs being the go-to form for ready-to-mix beverage products. This need for portability, along with e-commerce friendliness, is driving packaging towards stick packs, more flexible Tetrapacks, and low-material packaging.

Read more about these and other nutraceutical trends in a PMMI-created infographic (top right). Click to enlarge.

As the nutraceuticals market continues to expand, new and innovative solutions will be key. Healthcare Packaging EXPO, co-located with PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019, being held September 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and produced by PMMI, is uniquely positioned as an authoritative resource for those staying up to date on nutraceutical packaging trends.  Learn more about the show and registration at

Maria Ferrante is senior director, marketing and communications, for The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI; Reston, VA).