Yeast fermentate, EpiCor, main ingredient in new prebiotic product line from Country Life


Country Life has launched a new line of digestive health products called Gut Connection. 

digestive health

Image courtesy of Country Life

Country Life (Hauppauge, NY) has launched a new line of digestive health products called Gut Connection. The products contain 630 mg of EpiCor (from Embria Health Sciences; Ankeny, IA), a whole food fermentate prebiotic made using fermented whole food yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The line consists of eight SKU’s including Digestive Balance, Immune Balance, Sleep Balance, Mood Balance, Cognitive Balance, Stress Balance, Energy Balance, and Weight Balance.

“After extensive research and market analysis, Country Life decided to take a new approach to gut health,” says Elizabeth Poon, director of marketing at Country Life, in a press release. “Current scientific research increasingly shows that the body’s own natural supply of trillions of probiotics are enhanced through the support of a prebiotic ingredient, which acts as a fertilizer to boost the support mechanism of probiotics. We found that focusing on whole food fermentate as the core ingredient provided numerous benefits beyond other prebiotics on the market. Gut Connection has been specially formulated to address eight specific issues related to gut health, featuring a variety of scientifically studied, ingredients.”

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