Yeast Fermentate Defends against Gut Damage from Heat Stress?


A new animal study suggests EpiCor yeast fermentate significantly reduces the likelihood of damage to the gut lining caused by heat stress.

Photo © Marchal

Photo © Marchal

New study results published in the Journal of Thermal Biology indicate that EpiCor, a yeast fermentate ingredient from Embria Health Sciences (Ankeny, IA), may mitigate the damaging effects of heat stress on the intestinal lining in rats.

Researchers in Alabama studied 32 rats that were randomized to receive either 1 ml/day of EpiCor suspension or a control diet for two weeks. On the final day of the trial, half of the rats from each group here exposed to heat stress (45 °C) for 25 minutes.

While the heat-stressed control rats experienced traumatic effects on the intestine, such as significant elevation of liposaccharide serum levels, EpiCor was found to effective in preventing these traumatic effects in rats exposed to heat stress. EpiCor supplementation was also found to protect the rats’ erythrocytes from heat-induced pathology and maintain their white blood cell count-both indications of heat damage found in the control group.

Embria Health Sciences noted that based on these findings, EpiCor may help to “reduce the likelihood of intestinal barrier damage associate with leaky gut as well as the biochemical changes resulting from that damage.”  

While EpiCor may be known most for its potential immune-health benefits, previous in vitro studies have found the ingredient may also provide beneficial effects to gut health. But Iryna B. Sorokulova, PhD, an author of the study and professor of microbiology at Auburn University (Auburn, AL), said this study is the first to report EpiCor’s efficacy in preventing heat stress–related complications.

“We know from past published human clinical trials that EpiCor has proven beneficial effects on immune system function by helping it to respond appropriately to challenges,” said Larry Robinson, vice president of scientific affairs at Embria Health Sciences. “Our newest research on gut health is showing more and more that EpiCor not only strengthens the immune system, but positively affects gut function as well. We will continue to do research on how EpiCor works in the gut and how that science complements EpiCor’s shown immune benefits.”


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine


Ducray H AG et al., “Mitigation of heat stress-related complications by a yeast fermentate product,” Journal of Thermal Biology, vol. 60 (August 2016): 26–32

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