Women in Nutraceuticals appoints first global liaison outside the U.S.


Rajat Mittal Shah, co-founder of India-based ingredients company Nutriventia, will serve as WIN’s first official global liaison.

Women in Nutraceuticals (WIN), the nonprofit group spearheaded by industry leaders to advocate for gender parity in the nutraceuticals industry, has appointed its first global liaison. Rajat Mittal Shah, co-founder of India-based ingredients firm Nutriventia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Inventia Healthcare, will serve as WIN’s first official regional liaison outside the United States.

In a WIN press release, Shah said she was honored to be named WIN’s global liaison in India. “My vision is to foster a supportive and enriching environment for women at every stage of their careers,” she stated. “From helping women break the glass ceiling in senior positions to facilitating smooth transitions back into the workforce after childbirth, we will use mentorship and empowerment as key tools. I hope to leverage the immense potential of our female workforce to drive India’s nutraceutical industry to new heights.”

WIN’s press release points out that while gender parity issues are common to women in leadership globally, there may be differences in how strategies for improvement take shape, noting that “there are also significant differences in terms of the market constraints, cultural sensitivities, and engagement approaches, which require careful consideration and implementation.”

In the press release, WIN’s president, Heather Granato, welcomed Shah to the organization. “We are thrilled to welcome Rajat to this role, with her appointment marking a significant milestone in Women In Nutraceuticals' commitment to empower women within the sector in the region. India, with its rich heritage of traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda, is a powerful player in the nutraceutical industry, expected to top US$10 billion by 2026. The appointment of Rajat as the Global Liaison in India reflects our recognition of the country's strategic importance and the need to support women across the supply chain in the region to unlock their personal and professional potential to achieve gender equity.”

For information about Women In Nutraceuticals in India, global WIN events, membership and sponsorship opportunities, and mentoring opportunities, visit WomenInNutraceuticals.org.

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