With latest restructuring, BGG hopes to foster strategic collaboration and partnerships


The organizational restructuring prepares the company for its “next, very aggressive, growth phase," says Thomas Adler, BGG's global commercial director.

 Photo © AdobeStock.com/Worawut

Photo © AdobeStock.com/Worawut

BGG, the prominent Chinese supplier of branded nutraceutical ingredients, recently established a new global headquarters in Basel, Switzerland as part of a major restructuring plan. The company, operating as BGG World, is now led by Jürgen Nelis as the newly appointed CEO and Thomas Adler as the global commercial director. The organizational restructuring, says Adler, prepares the company for its “next, very aggressive, growth phase.”

“One of the main objectives was to move closer to our customers in order to foster strategic partnerships moving forward,” explains Adler. “This not only requires investment into additional resources but also making key capabilities available directly in the markets. The opportunity we see is making our technology platform available for selected customers in order to foster long-term strategic collaborations and partnerships. We believe that combining our capabilities with the market insights of our partners will create long-term sustained business for both and better products for the consumers.”

Investing heavily in its commercial business, BGG is hiring sales managers in both Europe and the U.S. to double its customer-facing resources in these markets. The company also states that it will maintain its investment in its asset base and human clinical trials for core products, while the commercial expansion aims to drive additional investment into BGG’s research and development programs together with its partners.

The company’s three leading technology platforms are botanical extraction, enzymatic conversion, and micro-algae farming, from which it creates specialty ingredients and formulations. According to Adler, BGG’s strong suits have historically been dietary supplements and cosmetics, leaving its food business under-valued. Along with the restructuring and commercial expansion, BGG therefore aims to diversity in the food ingredients sector. The company already has stevia and licorice extract solutions with which it works with food customers to create custom solutions, but BGG would like to broaden its offerings in this space. To do this, at the end of 2023, BGG hired a channel partner in the U.S. to help the company better understand the food market and find opportunities within the space.

The partner’s role, says Adler, “is to create business and projects in specific market segments in order for us to learn and take the right investment decisions.”

With this latest restructuring and commercial expansion, BGG is poised for continued growth as the company invests aggressively in its organization.

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