Weight-Management Stick Packs Now Available with Studied Citrus Polyphenols Formula Sinetrol


The add-directly-to-beverage format is a testament to the citrus ingredient’s neutral taste.

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Weight-management ingredient Sinetrol Xpur EZ, introduced by Fytexia (Vendres, France) last February, contains a combination of Mediterranean citrus extracts such as sweet orange, blood orange, and grapefruit, plus guarana-based caffeine. All together, those ingredients can taste bitter, but Fytexia said that with its EZ version last year, it had masked the ingredient’s bitterness to expand its applications. Now, the company has introduced a stick-pack formula with Sinetrol Xpur EZ as the lead ingredient. The add-directly-to-liquid format is a testament to the citrus ingredient’s neutral taste.

“The goal was to offer a new grade of our ingredient that would be much less bitter and easier to use in any kind of formula where taste is an essential parameter. The launch was a big success, and many customers now benefit from this better-tasting formula,” says Romain Thévenot, sales manager, Fytexia.

The company worked with French contract manufacturer Laboratoire Pyc to develop the new stick packs. “Thanks to its low bitterness, Sinetrol Xpur EZ provided a great basis for Laboratoire Pyc to create a finished, ready-to-market stick pack that tastes great when mixed in water,” Thévenot says.

He adds that Laboratoire Pyc can customize the stick pack formulas for customers, as well. “Formulators who have their own stick-pack production line can also create their own version by associating Sinetrol Xpur EZ with sweeteners and flavors of their choice to reach the organoleptic profile they want,” he says.

The company hopes that expanding delivery possibilities for Sinetrol will expand its audience, including among younger customers. “In weight management, the market seems to be slowly abandoning the traditional ‘weight loss pill,’ and positioning products to fit more and more within an active and healthy lifestyle,”  Thévenot says. “Stick packs are a great way to innovate in that direction,” thanks to their convenience, portability, and ease of use, he says. And, “on the technical side, their big advantage is that they can deliver the full, clinically proven dose of Sinetrol in just one stick.”


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