Virun Unveils New Shelf-Stable Probiotic Powders, Emulsions


Virun NutraBiosciences says its new emulsions and powders were created with technology that “bind proteins to probiotics which helps stabilize and increase the survivability of traditional strains.”

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Virun NutraBiosciences (Pomona, CA) has launched a new line of shelf-stable, multi-serving probiotic powders and emulsions that it says open up new formulation possibilities for probiotics in liquid products. The new line of powders and emulsions, which will carry the brand name Probiferrin, will be available in multiple flavors including cherry and grape.

Shelf-stable, multi-serving probiotic powders and emulsion concentrates have proven challenging in the past due to the frequent need for refrigeration of liquid probiotic products, but Virun says the new products are created with a technology that “binds proteins to probiotics, which helps stabilize and increase the survivability of traditional strains such as Bifidobacterium lactis and infantis  and Lactobaccillus acidophilus,” Philip Bromley, CEO and co-founder of Virun, explains in a press release.

“Now, retailers will be able to place a probiotic powder or emulsion in the supplement space next to other probiotic brands,” Virun says. “Inevitably, this allows new and exciting ways to market and brand probiotics in never-before-seen delivery-type applications.”

Probiferrin will come packaged as multi-dose oral syringes or easy-to-squeeze, multi-serving 8-oz or 16-oz bottles. Depending on the probiotic strain and customer needs, the product servings and probiotic strength will range from 1 billion CFUs per gram of 5 ml on the low end, all the way up to 50 billion CFUs per gram of 5 ml on the high end.

“We have several patents and patents pending utilizing our probiotic technology,” Bromley adds. “Plus, Virun has used third-party stability testing to verify our process increased the survival rate of the good bacteria in the gut and in application.”


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