Valensa Gets Patents for Plant-Based GI Formula

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GoEasy is a combination of policosanols and omega-3 plant extracts.

Valensa (Eustis, FL) just earned five U.S. patents for GoEasy, a gastrointestinal health formula of plant extracts. The product is characterized as a “microdispersion” of non-GMO policosanols and plant omega-3 extracts.

One preclinical study on humans with poor gastrointestinal track function found that a daily dose of GoEasy could lower cholesterol by up to 15% while improving regularity, as evidenced by more bowel movements. Valensa believes the two benefits are closely related:


The cholesterol reduction observed during this trial has been attributed to blocking of the well-known cholesterol reuptake mechanism in people who have infrequent bowel movements, along with the mild laxative effects of [omega-3 alpha linolenic acid]-rich plant-based omega-3 oils.


How GoEasy works will require further evaluation through research, but Valensa CEO and president Rudi Moerck, PhD, says its largely a matter of consuming more botanical waxes, which are present in GoEasy. “Our bodies function best with diets that have plenty of leafy green vegetables and fruits-all of which contain botanical waxes, or policosanols, in abundance. When we forget to eat them-or overindulge in processed foods-we lose the natural waxes, and our intestinal function suffers.”

The company patents cover both composition of the product and its use to maintain healthy gastrointestinal function and improve lipid profiles.