University researchers to study brain health potential of HydroCurc curcumin extract


Researchers from Western Sydney University will explore HydroCurc’s potential to reduce inflammation in the brain.

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Researchers from Western Sydney University are now exploring the potential of a unique curcumin extract to reduce inflammation in the brain. The curcumin extract is called HydroCurc, and it is produced by Pharmako Biotechnologies (New South Wales, Australia), a sister company of ingredient supplier Gencor (Irvine, CA).

HydroCurc is said to be a more bioavailable extract of curcumin because it features a branded technology from Pharmako called LipiSperse. LipiSperse is a cold-water-dispersible technology that makes curcumin, which is otherwise hydrophobic, more readily dispersible and therefore more bioavailable, the company says.

The new research initiative at Western Sydney University’s NICM Health Research Institute for integrative and complementary medicine comes thanks to funding from an Australian government grant known as an Innovation Connections grant, part of the government’s Entrepreneurs Programme.

The university researchers will study HydroCurc for the next 12 months. Their interest is in studying whether HydroCurc can cross the blood-brain barrier and whether it shows anti-inflammatory activity to support brain health and to enhance neurogenerative processes.

In a Pharmako press release, Dr. Mitchell Low, project investigator and NICM postdoctoral research fellow, said, “Managing chronic inflammation is a promising therapeutic approach in many age-related health conditions. Curcumin, from turmeric, is a well-known natural anti-inflammatory. However, it is not well absorbed into our bodies because it does not fully dissolve in water. Pharmako Biotechnologies developed a curcumin product, HydroCurc, that disperses well in water and is absorbed much better by our bodies than current forms of curcumin.”

Also in a press release, Eric Meppem, cofounder of Pharmako Biotechnologies, stated: “This is a huge breakthrough for Pharmako and HydroCurc. This study would be one of the very first high-quality studies focused on how curcumin could positively affect brain health. We are thrilled about this project with NICM and are eager to see the results.”

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