Unistraw delivery system launches marine collagen product


Image courtesy of Unistraw

Unistraw, the delivery systems company that invented the one-way Unistraw Delivery System (UDS), is launching a new version of its straw featuring TruMarine collagen, an ingredient supplied by Nippi Collagen (Burnaby, BC, Canada) and distributed by Stauber (Fullerton, CA). The new product, called TruMarine Collagen SIP, features premium TruMarine collagen and is naturally sweetened with stevia and licorice extract, as well as nature-identical flavors of fruit, herb, and spice.

The UDS design is a one-way recyclable straw with filters on each end. Each straw contains UniBeads-small beadlets containing ingredients that flavor liquids as liquid passes through the straw. Flavors will include Tangerine, Lemonade, and Rose.

Each straw contains 2,500 mg of TruMarine collagen, with a recommended two straws per day to get desired nourishment of skin. The product will come in packs of 14 or 30, initially to be sold direct-to-consumer on Amazon, and eventually wholesale from West Central Food Service. Currently, the straws are fully recyclable, but the company notes in a press release that next year will bring a biodegradable Unistraw.

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