Unique Folate Gets Positive EFSA Review


Gnosis S.p.A. has a "fourth generation" folate that's poised for the EU market.

Quatrefolic folate now enjoys the backing of a positive safety review from EFSA, the EU’s authority on food and feed safety. With EFSA confirming both the safety and efficacy of this folate source, developer Gnosis S.p.A. (Desio, Italy) says it is ready to market this folate ingredient in Europe.

Quatrefolic is a folate derivative of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate and vegetarian glucosamine salt. Gnosis characterizes it as a “fourth generation” folate because it appears to have increased water solubility over the “third generation” calcium salt version that is more common to the market. Quatrefolic is also stable at room temperature, whereas “third generation” folate requires storage at lower temperatures.

Bioavailability studies, viewed by EFSA, confirm that both ingredients are capable of delivering folate to the cells.

Folate is widely recognized for, among other potential benefits, reducing the risk of neural tube defects in infants. Because of this close tie to infant health, Gnosis is promoting its folate ingredients especially for infants and young children, and pregnant and lactating women.

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